Why Book Club Mobay in Jamaica?


What is Club Mobay and why should you use it? Let's face it, sometimes airport travel is less than desirable. You can experience long delays and uncomfortable conditions. 

So, what if you could be treated like a VIP from the moment you step off the plane until you reboarded upon departure? Club Mobay in Jamaica offers warm Jamaican hospitality with luxurious amenities. 

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Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay (MBJ) is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean. It can mean long wait times if there are dozens of planes arriving at the same time. Your goal is to get as quickly as possible to the beach, right? Club Mobay can save you the headache of long immigration lines and customs.

I have used Club Mobay on all of my trips to Jamaica and I recommend it to my clients. It is worth the extra cost.

How Does it Work?

Essentially there are two services - VIP Meet & Greet arrival and a departure service. You can book them separately or book both in a bundle. I highly recommend booking the services ahead of time since you cannot purchase the full arrival service at the airport (you can access the lounge for a fee though). Also, it will cost less than purchasing the departure service later.

Club Mobay arrival in Montego Bay is $50/adult, $23/child (2-12), Departure is $30/adult and $20/child. The bundle for both arrival & departure is $80/adult and $40/child (2-12). *These rates are for purchase before your travel in USD and subject to change.

Kingston, Jamaica rates are slightly less expensive. The bundle is $60/adult, $35/child, VIP Meet & Greet arrival is $35/adult, $20/child, departure service is $25/adult, $20/child. Airport transfers are not included. There are spa services available at an extra cost.

VIP Arrival Meet & Greet

Club Mobay Meet & Greet

There is something special about walking down the airport hallway and seeing someone waiting just for you on the other end. This Club Mobay attendant greets you and proceeds to help you with your immigration and custom forms, making sure they are filled out correctly. You are their only priority. He/she will escort you through the airport.

They have access to shorter lines for both immigration and customs. Depending on your arrival time and day, this may save you lots of time waiting in lines. Once you are through immigration your escort rejoins you and guides you to the customs area, another potential bottleneck. Next stop is to pick up your luggage. Finally you are lead to their VIP arrivals lounge. 

Club Mobay Arrival Lounge

Here you are greeted with a cool towel to wipe off, a cocktail and an assortment of snack choices. Your luggage is taken care of by an attendant. The escort will make sure you connect with your hotel transfer. Complimentary Wi-fi is included. It is a relaxing way to make the transition from your air travel to your hotel transfer, which depending on where you are staying can be a long ride.

If you are going to a Sandals or Beaches resort they have their own lounge, however my experience is that Club Mobay has more cocktail & food choices and the lounge facilities are more upscale. I spent most of my time in the Club Mobay lounge before heading over to the Sandals lounge to catch my transfer. 

Club Mobay Departure Service

Club Mobay departure ticket

If you have purchased the bundle you are handed a departure ticket when you arrive. Don't lose it, put it someplace safe. You will need it to gain access to the departure lounge. I really value the departure lounge that Club Mobay offers because many resorts transport you to the airport early and you may have several hours to wait until your flight departs. 

Club Mobay Departure Lounge

Every traveler is responsible for getting through check-in at the airport on their own. One time I was able to access the shorter lines back through immigration and security and another time I was not not able, even with my Club Mobay ticket. Technically, you are supposed to get fast-tracked through, but perhaps with certain security checks this is not always possible. Airport personnel will guide you to the departure lounge once you are through all the security.

Complimentary snacks & beverages

The departure lounge, once again, has complimentary food and beverages, including cocktails if you so desire. The food assortment includes fresh fruits, pastries, snacks, sandwiches, tapas, sushi, sliders and Jamaican patties. My ride from the resort was about an hour and a half so I enjoyed breakfast and coffee with a few treats to take on the airplane. 

Photo credit www.honestandtruly.com

Photo credit www.honestandtruly.com

There are multiple TV's around and big picture windows. The bathroom facilities are superior to the airport restrooms. Club Mobay offers shower services if needed. Spa service are also available for an extra fee. There are separate lounges, one for families with children that include a play area. Wi-fi is included, however it was a bit sketchy. They do offer fully equipped Digicel business centre if you need to get work done and 3 quiet rooms if you need some privacy.

If you are questioning whether or not you need the bundle I suggest using a site like FlightStats.com to check on how many arrivals and departures are scheduled when you are traveling. 

Sometimes the value is worth the extra investment to feel like a million bucks. Who knows? You may even run into a celebrity since many of them use Club Mobay on their Jamaican travels. I am actually spoiled now and cannot imagine not using it when I travel to Jamaica.

If you have an upcoming trip to Jamaica and would like to book Club Mobay I would be happy to add on this VIP amenity for you. Email me 📧beth@paradisegetaways.net.

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