"Appy" Honeymoon! ~ Top 10 Smartphone Travel Apps

honeymoon apps

While you are on your honeymoon, destination wedding or any other pleasure trip I recommend less smartphone use and more person-to-person communication (if you know what I mean😜), but there are some very helpful apps you can use to make your travel less stressful, possibly save you time and money and maybe even, make it more memorable. 


1. Tripit 

Tripit won't book your reservations for you (that's why you have me!), but it lets you upload your confirmation emails for airlines, hotels, restaurants, rental cars, transfers and tour operators. You will basically have your whole itinerary at your fingertips. This will not only save you time, but you can share this information with your family and friends so they know exactly where to reach you in case of an emergency. It even provides weather info and maps of your destinations. tripit.com

2. TripAdvisor 

TripAdvisor is one of the most used travel review websites all over the world. I use it all the time, in fact, I am one of their top reviewers. 😊  It is easy to use and will give you reviews on local restaurants, hotels, excursions and activities. Sometimes this is invaluable information if you need a quick place to eat or a room for a night. I am careful to read several reviews and not base decisions on one or two bad reviews. tripadvisor.com

3. Around Me

Similar to TripAdvisor, Around Me is an app that tells you all the points of interest that are located near you. If you have ever been in an unfamiliar city and wanted to find a decent cup of coffee or a place to buy a toothbrush then Around Me can help. It detects your current location, and lets you select from categories like bars, cafes, hospitals, pharmacies and hotels to filter though the results. aroundmeapp.com

4. XE Currency

You won't have to worry about currency exchange rates on your international honeymoon with XE Currency. This app is the go-to app for up-to-the minute currency conversions. You'll be able to access live exchange rates, historical charts and calculate prices right from your phone. It also functions offline by saving the last updated rates, which is helpful if you don't have wifi. xe.com

5. Google Translate

Fortunately many resort employees speak some English, but with Google Translate, you can break down any language barriers with their quick instant translations. This app will translate approximately 103 languages. You can speak, type, write, or use your camera to take pictures and the app will respond in the selected language. It even translates 52 languages when you have no internet! Say hello to easy and stress-free. translate.google.com

6. Packtor

If you are a "packaholic" then you will love Packtor. You can create lists or view lists already created. This app acts as your personal packing assistant allowing you to make fully customizable packing lists. This is perfect for someone like me who tends to overpack and occasionally forget something. packtor.com

7. Hopper and Individual Airline Apps

If you are working with a travel professional your air travel is often included in your package, but when it isn't you can use Hopper which is a flight search app that tracks prices on your route and compares them with historical averages to make sure you're getting a good deal. It will send push notifications when it finds a fare for your destination worth buying. You should also have the app for the airline that you are flying. I often fly Delta so I have their app on my smartphone to keep up to date on delays and any schedule changes. You can also use it to check in for your flight. This may be especially helpful if you are in a location where you do not have access to wifi or a computer. hopper.com

8. My TSA

Who loves standing in lines? Umm, no one! This app may not be able to eliminate TSA lines, but at least you will have a heads up (P.S. If you are interested in TSA pre-check and Global Entry click here to read my blog post). You will be able to keep an eye on security line wait times and airport delays. You can also post wait times to help other travelers. There is also a "Can I bring?" section which allows you to type in a question and get a response. My TSA is bound to make your airport time go smoothly. apps.tsa.dhs.gov

honeymoon journal

9. Live Trekker

A bride once told me that the best advice she got was to keep a journal on her honeymoon and write down EVERYTHING, she said she was so glad she did, because when I asked her for details about her honeymoon for a blog post on Costa Rica (you can read the post here) she realized how much she had already forgotten. While I recommend an old fashioned journal, Live Trekker is an awesome alternative. This app makes journaling about your trip easy. It tracks you as you go by making a red line along a map on the exact routes you take, creating a digital journal of your travels. You can also add photos, video, audio, text and more to your interactive map. livetrekker.com

Honeymoon Fund

10. Honeyfund

Wouldn't it be grand to have your honeymoon all paid for? With Honeyfund you can crowdfund your honeymoon expenses with an easy-to-use honeymoon registry, in fact, you could even use it to fund your actual wedding. It is free because your guests send you a check or cash. If you want to add Paypal or WePay you will be charged a transaction fee (2.8% and $0.30/transaction). There is also a Honeyfund Elite which offers a choice of design templates, cover photos, photo slideshow and registry items, password protection, no ads, and more for $40. Hmmm, I wonder if I could use this for an anniversary trip in a few years? 😊 honeyfund.com

Travel apps

There are so many apps to explore, of course, and this is just a glimpse of what is out there. Did I mention they are all free?!

What apps have you used to have a "appy", romantic, stress-free honeymoon or vacation? Tell us all about them below so other readers can download them before their big trip!