Ten Top Tips for a Happy Honeymoon

honeymoon couple

You're getting married! Congratulations. Most wedding couples take a honeymoon. This is your very first "family" vacation together and you want it to be perfect, well, at least, perfect for the two of you. 

Wedding planning is stressful enough without adding in planning your honeymoon. Here are my top ten tips for a happy honeymoon. 

honeymoon plan ahead

1. Plan Ahead

Don't wait until the last minute to plan. Couples often wait to plan the honeymoon because they are so busy with the wedding plans. While you can sometimes get last minute deals, often waiting will make your honeymoon more expensive, more stressful, and usually not your dream trip. 

Your honeymoon is a special occasion and deserves some added consideration. To avoid disappointment, I recommend planning and reserving your entire honeymoon at least 6-10 months in advance. The sooner the better, especially if you will be traveling during a peak season. Planning ahead will also allow you time to budget for your honeymoon. 

Bonus: Once your honeymoon is planned you can begin to look forward to it. Who doesn't want a dream vacation to look forward to after a wedding?

honeymoon budget

2. Budget

Be realistic, but remember to splurge a bit. You probably have a wedding budget and a budget for your first home, so don't forget a honeymoon budget. Decide what you can afford and then over budget a bit to be safe. You will want to save a bit for special activities, excursions, or any upgrades to make your honeymoon magical.

If you plan early you will also be able to put money away towards your honeymoon a little bit at a time to make it more manageable. When you sit down together as a couple to create your honeymoon wishlist, be mindful of your budget.

couple planning honeymoon together

3. Plan Together

Communication plays a key role in your happiness together as husband and wife. Why not begin making decisions together as a couple with the planning of your honeymoon? Sit down with each other and discuss your "must haves". Create your honeymoon travel profile

There are no honeymoon rules, you get to be the author of your own unique experience. 

Honeymoon destination

4. Do a Dream Destination

Location, location, location! Once you have decided what your "must haves" are as a couple the next step is to choose a destination that fits your travel profile. This is where things can get overwhelming, there are so many choices.

You don't want to just focus on the destination but also the accommodations, activities/excursions and amenities offered. Your room should offer you comfort, a view, pampering and romantic extras. Did someone say jacuzzi for two?

P.S. Dreaming of a beach honeymoon? Here are my top beach escapes. You can also take my free honeymoon quiz here.

honeymoon waterfall

5. Book Excursions Early

Book your excursions and activities ahead of time to make sure they are in included in your budget and so you don't miss out. Many resorts offer free onsite activities you can take advantage of.

I also advise couples to plan some down time...don't over schedule. Allow time to just "be" together and enjoy each other. Your honeymoon experience should be all about making memories together.  

Anse Chastanet - St. Lucia

Anse Chastanet - St. Lucia

6. Add Special Moments

Get your romance on! In addition to planning excursions and fun activities make sure to include some special romantic moments together. Does your resort offer special honeymoon packages? Take advantage of them.

These extras could include a dinner for two on the beach at sunset, a couples massage at the spa, having your butler fill your jacuzzi with rose petals and leave chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in your room after dinner one evening, order breakfast in bed...get creative. 

You can also pack some special surprises. Maybe you have a special music playlist and a candle that you can bring along for your room. Pack something wonderful to wear. Yes, I am talking about lingerie or a sexy evening gown. A great gift is even more wonderful when the package is tantalizingly wrapped. Your partner will appreciate the extra thought and you will both enjoy the unwrapping process. 

These extra romantic touches will create an atmosphere of pampered bliss that will result in lifelong memories. 

honeymoon details

7. Don't Ignore Details

If you are traveling out of the country for your honeymoon you will need an up to date passport and maybe even a Visa. Some countries now require passports valid 6 months after entering the country. Make sure you apply for these well in advance of your trip.

If you are a bride traveling shortly after your wedding, it's important to remember that your driver's license and passport name must match exactly. Your travel documents will be in your maiden name so you will want to wait to change your name until after your honeymoon. 

If you are traveling to an exotic destination you may need to check with your doctor about any suggested vaccinations for travel to those regions. 

Confirm all your travel plans/itinerary at least two weeks in advance with your travel professional or individually with your resort, airline, transfer company, and tour operators.  

honeymoon trip insurance

8. Insure Your Peace of Mind

Not insuring your honeymoon is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You think you don't need insurance, it's your honeymoon and you won't cancel. There are hundreds of reasons that could force you to cancel your trip, return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment. Chances are nothing will happen, but why risk it? 

I am so passionate about travel insurance that I devoted a whole blog post to it. Click here to read more. 

honeymoon photos

9. Capture the Memories

A picture is worth a thousand words. Don't regret not having photos of the two of you together on your honeymoon. How do you do that?

Use a selfie stick, ask another vacationer (I am infamous for this), ask your waiter, butler or another resort employee, schedule a mini-session with the resort photographer or better yet, see if Flytographer serves your destination.

Flytographer has professional photographers in 200 cities around the world. They specialize in photographing unique occasions such as honeymoons, proposals, family holidays, anniversaries and more. Packages are fairly reasonable for what you get...lasting memories! 

Hire a honeymoon planner

10. Hire a Honeymoon Planner

Let's face it planning a honeymoon is a lot of work, especially when you are planning your wedding too. Professional honeymoon designers will work with you to ease the stress and overwhelm of honeymoon planning.

  • They can save you HOURS of searching on the internet.
  • They understand the difference between cheap and value.
  • They will listen to the vision of your "must haves" and make recommendations that meet both of your needs.
  • They have connections that may score you special VIP amenities.

But most of all, they want to create a romantic, memorable experience for you because they care!

In my blog post, "3 Reasons to Use a Travel Designer" this is what I say, "You are not just data entered into a search engine, you are a real person with dreams and a vision of your perfect escape. We want to make those dreams come true." 

Let me help you make your honeymoon dreams come true. 💝  Click here to find out more. 

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