3 Reasons to Use a Travel Designer

In my first blog post, Welcome to Beth's Beautiful Getaways!, I talked about why you should use me as your travel designer. Today I want to share with you 3 reasons why using a travel designer or consultant is beneficial to you.

In this day and age of computer technology and online access, anyone can get online and book their own travel. I have done it many times and I'm sure you have too. Granted you need to know where to look, but google makes anything possible today. So why would you need a travel consultant? Actually you don't. You could do it yourself, but a travel consultant adds extra value that you can't get online. I am going to give you 3 of those perks (there are more, but let's start with 3). I call them the 3 E's of engaging a travel designer.  

  1. Excitement - Most travel consultants are as excited about your trip as you are (I know I am!). You are not just data entered into a search engine, you are a real person with dreams and a vision of your perfect escape. We want to make those dreams come true. Our passion is designing the perfect getaway for you and making sure you have a fun, memorable vacation without any of the stress of planning and details. 
  2. Energy Saver - Spending hours and hours researching the perfect vacation can take up your valuable time. This is especially true for brides planning a destination wedding or honeymoon. You have too many other demands on your time and sanity. I know where to look and I take the time to get to know you, including what your desires and needs are. I will be able to customize your trip for you so all you have to do is show up and enjoy it. 
  3. Expert Knowledge - A good travel designer can offer you options you may not have thought of or even knew existed. We can give you tips and advice based on our own experiences or those of other travel professionals we have constant contact and access to. I did graduate with a degree in Travel & Tourism, but more important than that I continue to attend conferences, seminars, webinars, FAM trips and updates. I have a mentor in my host agency and I belong to well-connected travel groups for travel professionals. Did I mention I love to travel? Being an avid traveler myself means I have knowledge of the ins and outs of traveling so I can make your trip as smooth as possible. 

I mentioned earlier that these are just 3 of the reasons, there are more! Perhaps you've never used a travel designer before, if not you may be missing out on getting more value for your money, saving precious time, and having a tailor-made dream escape planned just for you. 

Feel free to share this blog with someone you know that is engaged and thinking about a destination wedding or honeymoon, or maybe a special anniversary trip or romantic escape. I would love to design the perfect getaway for you or your friends. 


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