Welcome to Beth's Beautiful Getaways!

I am thrilled to introduce myself to you in my very first blog post!

Why should you choose me to plan your next beautiful getaway?

Great question! First of all, I have extensive travel experience and trip planning which I will share below. Secondly, I am an excellent researcher, planner, listener and organizer as evidenced by my 30+ year career in education. Finally I have been through the process from beginning to end with my own destination wedding in Feb. 2016. What better experience than first hand? So, who is Beth?

My passion is the beach, you might say I am a beach babe. I am a toes in the sand, sun on my face, waves lapping on the shore, summer kind of girl. Living most of my life in Michigan I often have to find my “summer” in other places. The winters are beautiful for about two weeks and then I am ready to get away. That means travel to tropical places. Are you with me?

Original Beach Babe

Original Beach Babe

As a young girl we traveled a lot, not the jet-setting, luxury 5 star kind of travel, but camping. My parents were both educators which meant holidays and summers off, but little to no money! No money, no problem! Whether it be a tent, VW camper or trailer, my parents would load us up (3 kids plus the dog) and we were off! Florida for the holidays as well as many Spring Breaks and then the rest of the country in the summer. 

The travel bug didn’t end in my youth. My senior trip in high school was a cruise to Nassau, San Juan and St. Thomas. In college I traveled to Germany for a summer to take my third year of college German. In fact I loved travel so much that my undergraduate degree from MSU is in Travel & Tourism. You would think that after graduating with a bachelors in Travel & Tourism I would have been working in the business for all these years right? Alas, the passion was there but the jobs were not. What’s the saying, “Those who can’t teach?” Yep, you guessed it, I went back to school, followed in my parents’ footsteps and got my elementary teaching certificate and eventually my Masters in Educational Leadership. Fast forward 30 years, I retired from a wonderful career in public education as a teacher and administrator. The story doesn’t end there, it actually just begins.

Remember when I told you I was an expert researcher? In December of 2014, after being a single mom of three boys for 15 years, I got engaged! Now I was planning my dream wedding! I realized that I needed help finding the perfect resort so I began researching online. I found Tami Santini from Paradise Getaways in my search. I scoured her reviews and called her. She was instrumental in creating our fairytale wedding in Punta Cana.

Fairytale Wedding - Beth's Beautiful Getaways

Throughout the years my passion for travel has manifested itself in many ways. My personal travels have taken me all over the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. In addition I have planned numerous family vacations, annual high school girls weekends and romantic getaways. After our destination wedding I felt like I had come full circle. My spark for travel design, in particular romantic travel, was reignited. Now, I am ready to give you the same unforgettable dream escape that I experienced without the hassle. Your only responsibility is to show up and enjoy it!

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