Why Have Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding in Costa Rica?

If you are looking for the perfect place to host your destination wedding or honeymoon, Costa Rica could be the getaway of your dreams!

  • Costa Rica offers something for everyone. 

Costa Rica is perfect for the bride and groom who want a bit of everything for their destination wedding or honeymoon. Costa Rica boasts the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. This Central American country is known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, tropical rainforests and incredible biodiversity. It is slightly smaller than West Virginia so you can literally drive only an hour away and the landscape changes. If you like zip lining through the jungle and your partner likes laying on the beach you will both be happy. 

The flora and fauna will captivate and entertain your senses. Nature is up close and personal. You can turtle watch along the Caribbean coast and North Pacific, and whale watch in the South Pacific. There are an abundance of exotic birds, monkeys, sloths and other jungle creatures. The flowers are bright and bold, creating a tropical paradise.

  •   Costa Rica is easy to get to.

Another selling point to Costa Rica is the easy accessibility from the US. There are many direct flights from major US cities. It takes 5 1/2 hours from NYC, 6 hours from LA, 4 hours from Houston and 5 hours from Chicago. You can fly into Liberia or San Jose depending on your destination choice. 

  • Costa Rica has desirable weather.

The weather patterns are similar to the Caribbean. The dry season is December through April or May and the green season is May to November. Since it is a tropical climate it is not uncommon to have a passing rain shower even on a sunny day. The heaviest rains are generally in September and October. The Caribbean coast has rain year round, but not all day every day. The temperature will vary with altitude, so if you are up in the mountains it will be cooler than on the beaches. 

  • Costa Rica has a wide variety of extraordinary resorts .

Whatever your style, preference or budget Costa Rica offers something for you. You can choose all-inclusive resorts, adult-only or family friendly. There are luxurious 5 star resorts, small intimate boutique hotels or bespoke villas. You can even go totally off the grid into the jungle to eco-lodges with no electricity. Most of these resorts and hotels offer wedding packages or honeymoon specials. 

Photo credit Pacuare Lodge

Photo credit Pacuare Lodge

RIU Guanacaste Beach Wedding - Photo credit Jenn Kavanagh Photography

RIU Guanacaste Beach Wedding - Photo credit Jenn Kavanagh Photography

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One couple visited a healing waterfall lagoon that had the most beautiful color water imaginable. The other couple stayed in an eco-resort where the only way in and out is on a whitewater rafting trip! 

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