Top 4 Reasons We Chose a Destination Wedding. Is It Right For You?

More couples are choosing destination weddings for their special day. One in four weddings is now a destination wedding. Granted this option is not for everyone, so maybe you are wondering if it would be a good choice for you? Here are four practical and personal reasons to choose a destination wedding.

1. Less Stress

Both my fiance and I were working full time when we got engaged. My job was stressful enough and I didn't want to add anymore to my plate. Time was precious. Both of us had already had a "traditional" wedding.  We wanted something simple, yet special.

Most all-inclusive resorts have a variety of wedding packages to chose from that save time (and money). They also have an on-site wedding coordinator and team of professionals who are there to make sure everything is perfect.

Once we decided we wanted to do a tropical destination to escape winter in the midwest I did some research to find a travel designer (hint: like me!) who would be able to help us choose the best resort and handle all of our guests' travel plans. We didn't have to worry about anything except showing up!

2. Bonus Vacation for Everyone!

We decided to get married in February. Winter can get very long where we live. A couple of years before our wedding we went to a destination wedding in Mexico, also in February. It was a gift to be a guest at that wedding and get away from the snow and cold.

All of our guests became instant VIP's at our destination wedding in Punta Cana. They were able to golf, lay on the beach, sail, snorkel, swim, visit a local cigar/coffee factory or just relax by the pool. They didn't have to worry about meals, cocktails or lodging. They could go off on their own or join the group. Some stayed as long as a week and some only stayed 3 nights. One couple enjoyed it so much they booked their family to return for Christmas! 

3. Quality Time With Loved Ones.

Our destination wedding had 28 guests. I remember after we got home I mentioned to one of my friends that I felt bad because I danced pretty much the whole reception and didn't get around to each table. My friend said, "Beth, you didn't have to. You spent time with everyone over the 3-6 days they were there." She was right! My fiance and I had quality time with all of our guests because we had several days to see everyone. 

We also have six young adult children between the two of us. It was perfect for them to bond and spend time together without the two of us. Even if you have younger children or guests with kids who will be attending your wedding, most all-inclusive resorts are family friendly, allowing all family and friends to bond. 

4. Honeymoon Included!

The minute you arrive you will begin to relax and feel like you are already on your honeymoon. Many resorts offer room upgrades to the bride and groom. We were upgraded to butler service. Our butler had surprises for us a couple of nights like this jacuzzi filled with bubbles, candlelight and chocolates. We also had a private pool and private beach to escape to. Often resorts will offer a discount for a return visit or you can travel to a sister resort after the wedding to have a separate honeymoon. 

These are just four benefits of a destination wedding. You might even get a once in a lifetime bonus like we had. My oldest son proposed to his girlfriend and she said, "Yes!"

Are you wondering if a destination wedding is right for you? I would love to help you decide. You can sign up for my Travel Tips newsletter below or contact me to set up a consultation.